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AbelLogo ALCS™ - Abel LMRP Capping System
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Subea Intervention for Deepwater Blowout Incidents

Design philosophy:

  • Quick to deploy thus minimizing incident impact
  • Cost Effective (10% of other systems)
  • Designed to be fit-for-purpose for flows of 200,000 bopd and/or 500 mmscf/d gas
  • Light weight – small footprint
  • Simple reliable controls and systems


  • Adapts to the Rigs existing LMRP system
  • Utilizes Rigs existing resources i.e., Personnel, ROV, DP, cement pump, mud mixing, etc.
  • Can be held at rig site or near by
  • Minimal cost to do the job
  • Small footprint (2x 20’ containers)

Patent pending in US and International patent offices

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ALCS™ - ABEL LMRP Capping System
ACS™ - ABEL LMRP Capping System

ALCS deployment use of existing rig BOP
For capping operation and re-entry

ALCS ready for deployment
(orange added equipment):

Capping with ALCS

Capping Animation ALCS
Comparison of Existing to ALCS

Conventional Systems

  • Some are only available to the participants in the region (Operators)
  • VERY heavy hard to transport and rig up offshore
  • Best case for intervention is 21 days likely case is 40 days
  • Very expensive
  • Availability is first-come-first serve basis
  • Controlled by others

ABEL LMRP Capping System

  • Available to the rig quickly
  • Onboard during operations (2x 20 foot containers)
  • Can be deployed in time it takes to pull riser plus 10 hours to install onto LMRP
  • No need for 747 or AN-124 lifts
  • Cost is a fraction of the other systems
  • Saves time – reduces exposure

Abel LMRP Capping System (ALCS) or (ACS) - Benefits

  • Will solve 99% of deepwater blowout scenarios
  • Footprint is small (2x 20 foot containers)
  • Cost is a fraction of other systems
  • Lower cost justifies multiple systems in the field (not air freight from outside the region or country)
  • Mobilization is one day (or less) by boat OR kept on ready on the rig itself

Abel LMRP Capping System (ALCS) - Rating

  • 15k shut-in
  • 10,000 ft working water depth
  • 200,000 std bbls oil flow rate and/or 500mmscf/d gas rate

Abel LMRP Capping System (ALCS) - Basic Operation

  • Powered from pre-charged accumulators
  • Acoustic operated with ROV backup
  • Emergency disconnect by ROV or acoustic signal by hydra. Connector
  • DP disconnect by on-off tool
  • Accumulators can be re-charged with ROV (or pumped from DP from surface)
  • Chemical injection for hydrate breaker (if needed)
  • Visual read out of temp and pressure at critical points
  • Acoustic readout of pressure and temp for control for well kill and hydrate avoidance

Abel LMRP Capping System (ALCS) - Mitigation of Risks

Means to mitigate pollution risk:

Prevention - Don’t let it happen in the first place

  • training of personnel
  • adopt best practices

Contingency Plans and Equipment

  • training personnel for capping operations
  • minimize intervention time line by having contingency
    equipment avalable at rigsite.

Blowout Scenario

Most likely “next” case

  • Well control operations occur
  • Successful disconnect
  • BOP leaks (for whatever reason)
  • MODU, LMRP are unharmed therefore the first available MODU for capping
  • BOP leaks cannot be stopped with conventional techniques
  • DO NOT EXPECT Macondo to repeat with same circumstances

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